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Windows Server 2012 R2: Configure File and Storage Solutions

Efficient and secure storage is a key piece of any enterprise network. That's why IT managers look for admins that have mastered the ability to configure file and storage solutions on Windows Server. This training course is for current and future Windows administrators who need to set up and manage NFS and DFS, DAC, virtual storage, and RAIDs, and manage file permissions on Windows Server 2012 R2. Instructor Robert McMillen covers Windows storage pools, iSCSI targets and initiators, Distributed File System, and Windows System Resource Manager. Techniques such as configuring tiered storage and redundant storage, data deduplication, and setting up file shares are also covered in detail.
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WordPress and Genesis: Building Child Themes from Scratch

WordPress and Genesis: Building Child Themes from Scratch
WordPress and Genesis: Building Child Themes from Scratch – If you already have the Genesis Framework, you can create a new Genesis child theme from scratch using nothing more than a code editor. This course shows you how. Carrie Dils covers the basics of child themes—lessons you can apply to your own starter theme—as well as tips to make existing theme customizations that much easier. She shows how to create the PHP and CSS files necessary to structure, activate, and style your theme, and how to add demo content and make the theme responsive on different screen sizes with media queries. She also includes tips on prepping your theme for a real-world deploy. At the end of the course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the Genesis Framework and child themes, and the skills to develop richer WordPress sites.
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