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Social Lead Freak PRO 3.2.1 Cracked

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What is Social Lead Freak?

It’s an Adobe application that allows users to extract IDs of all people who are in fanpages, groups and events within a second to a .csv file.
So that the most powerful benefit of Social Lead Freak is to build a potential buyer audience in very short time.

What Social Lead Freak can Do?

Research All the Groups, Events, Places, Pages, Posts, People ane even status of Facebook users.

Extract IDs of perople in Groups, Events, Pages, Posts and so on. This is the biggest benefit, with this you can customize your audience for your ads so that your ads can be economy than before.

Export the Data after sorting and filtering to do further analysis in programs like Excel.

Save time With this tool, you may spend no more than 5 minutes to find and build custom audience.

If social media is a marketer's goldmine, Social Lead Freak Cracked is the tool you need to mine for gold! If you are really serious about Facebook advertising then Social Lead Freak is a must have tool!

Social Lead Freak PRO Official Sales Page: http://www.socialleadfreak.com/
Social Lead Freak PRO Sales Price: $247
Our Price: FREE for ViP members

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  1. I cant connect

    when I enter the “FB app config” and then click on “log in with facebook” new window will appear said connecting to facebook and still loading all the time.

  2. No Link to Download SLF at all ) I’m logged in but no link to dowload

  3. and where i should wait for you response ?)

  4. HI Thank you very much – Links are working now

    The Next Question with SLF – i have Mac OS and cant find this 2) Open folder where you have installed SLF. By default:
    C:\Program Files\SLF to “Replace Fb test” – seems like this instroction for Windows could you pelease help to Crack on MAc OS

  5. ??? Hi Tim – No answer from you ?

  6. its working – i had to find where mac os store files from installed software )

  7. its working? how can I get?

    • Hi,Our Social Lead Freak PRO 3.2.1 Crack is working 100% . Its available free for our ViP members.You can subscribe here if you haven’t already.

  8. I need my membership approved please….

  9. I just joined there is no download link though?

  10. I think you need to update.. there is an error “no available user logged in”

  11. Hi,
    Copy and paste content from “CRACK” folder to the install directory.
    Use login details provided in instructions. (copy and paste).

  12. i have pay but i don’t see the link :/

  13. hey I use window xp , I can use this program

  14. what version is the cracked one? since 3.3.2 is needed to get it to work right?

  15. do you guys activate the software, or do i have to do it myself

  16. hi. it doesn’t activate. says wrong credentials. can anyone confirm this works?

  17. Hello ,
    i have been paid for vip member 1 month and i didnt get it approved yet
    so i need my membership approved please

  18. I purchased the one day pass. How long does it take to get VIP access?

  19. Hi,

    The software is working for me, however, i can’t seem to upload the user id to my power editor. Does anyone have any problems uploading the extracted csv file or am I doing something wrong?


  20. ive paid for my vip but download keeps failing

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