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Social Lead Freak PRO 3.3.2 Crack (FB changes to API Fix)

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What is Social Lead Freak?

It’s an Adobe application that allows users to extract IDs of all people who are in fanpages, groups and events within a second to a .csv file.
So that the most powerful benefit of Social Lead Freak is to build a potential buyer audience in very short time.

What Social Lead Freak can Do?

Research All the Groups, Events, Places, Pages, Posts, People ane even status of Facebook users.

Extract IDs of perople in Groups, Events, Pages, Posts and so on. This is the biggest benefit, with this you can customize your audience for your ads so that your ads can be economy than before.

Export the Data after sorting and filtering to do further analysis in programs like Excel.

Save time With this tool, you may spend no more than 5 minutes to find and build custom audience.

If social media is a marketer's goldmine, Social Lead Freak Cracked is the tool you need to mine for gold! If you are really serious about Facebook advertising then Social Lead Freak is a must have tool!

Social Lead Freak PRO Official Sales Page: http://www.socialleadfreak.com/
Social Lead Freak PRO Sales Price: $247
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  1. Purchased VIP but cant see DL link?

  2. hello

    I cant download this new update. I am already buy this software for $9.

    Please replay to my email

  3. Does this work for Mac too?

  4. please active my account , i want to download asap

  5. Hi, you accept Bitcoin?

  6. Unfortunately, the program incorrect converts IDs to e-mails. From this list, you can not create an audience! For example, only 200 e-mails were compared with profiles of Facebook users. I am very upset! πŸ™

  7. purchased VIP but download link is inactive

  8. Thanx! Can’t activate on Mac OS using the instructions included in the zip file… Seems they are fow Windows only. Any advice?

  9. Doesnt work :((

    I followed the instructions, did everything as I was supposed to…

    When I click on login to facebook, it just gets stuck on that… gives a pop up that says “connecting to facebook” and its stuck on that pop up for hours.. I tried multiple times…

    Help please.

  10. This is not working!!

    when I scrape 20.000 UID I cant convert them to email because fb ban my account due to high request to facebook servers.

    ali g make a new chrome extension after facebbok change there api since 08 Mai 2015

    please update this software or I wanna a refund

    waiting your answer or I will open a new case with paypal.

    thank you

  11. anybody got it working???? please contact me

  12. still waiting for my access

  13. Hello!

    Please activate my account.
    The following payment information below.

    My login: *********
    My e-mail .: ******@gmail.com

  14. i had paid but i can’t see the link…how can i do?

  15. please active my VIP account, thus i can download, paid by nothing?

  16. perfect!i got it

  17. Hello!

    Please activate my account.

  18. How long does it take for the links to become active after purchasing?

  19. Hi,

    Anyone manage to upload the extracted audience successfully? After uploading, they said it has high invalid number.

  20. Purchased VIP but cant see DL link?

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