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Digi Traffic Accelerator Crack

Digi Traffic Accelerator is now Digi Traffic Generator NicheX - CLICK HERE to download Digi Traffic Generator!

Digi Traffic Accelerator is a social bookmarking Desktop software. It Automatically Creates Accounts and Submits to 500+ social bookmarking websites – and you can do that with one single submission!
Digi Traffic Accelerator Crack

Digi Traffic Accelerator Features:

Windows Desktop Software – You download this software and install it on your own computer, so you don't have to rely on some remote server like other web-based apps.
Digi Traffic Accelerator Cracked has simple User Interface - You don't need a 500 page manual or 10 hour video course to figure out how to use this tool. It's so simple, you can begin using it in just 3 steps!
Automatically Create Accounts On 500+ Posting Sites – That's a MASSIVE boost to anyone's backlinking power... Enough to give you get a critical edge in whatever competitive markets you choose to go into.
Email ConfirmationDigi Traffic Accelerator Cracked connects to the email account you provide so you don't have to manually click 100s of activation links when you auto-create your posting accounts. (Believe me, this is a HUGE time-saver!)
Unlimited Link Posting - We allow you to use this tool to promote as many pages and keywords as you like! That way you can use it to boost traffic to your current online business and even jump-start and grow new ones from scratch!
Leverage a Mix of Both High PR and Low PR Sites - Even though you will suddenly get MANY more links than you could manually, this mixture makes your links look organic and balanced. That's so Google will like what it sees and reward your site with better search rankings.
Multithreaded Processing – We've coded everything so your computer works super efficiently to post as fast as possible. And you don't need a special configuration or a super-powerful PC.
Instant Update CheckingDigi Traffic Accelerator Crack checks for new updates on start-up, or manually from the menu. We consistently add new sites, and eliminate the ones that stop getting the traffic-boosting results we insist on.
Fully Supported - As I mentioned, our offices in London have a full tech and customer support staff on-site. We are a real company, and real help is here whenever and however you might need us.
Awesomely Affordable - We know this is software you're going to want to use for a LONG time. You'll read in a moment how we've priced it to be one of the cheapest traffic grabbing methods available – ESPECIALLY for one that works so well!

Digi Traffic Accelerator Advance Features:

Advanced CAPTCHA Breaking Options – In addition to allowing you to solve all CAPTCHAs challenges right from the software, you can optionally connect it to one of several of the most reliable and well-known paid CAPTCHA breaking services.
Human Mimic Technology – Digi Traffic Accelerator Cracked automatically randomizes time intervals and details when you post from your multiple accounts. This “safety net” gives you long term usage of every account the software creates for you.
Proxy Integration – Optionally, you can plug-in any proxies you normally use (free and paid) so your I.P. Address remains private, and your activities are anonymous. If you choose to create multiple accounts on each backlink site, proxies are highly recommended.

Important Note: In our own experience, free proxies offer much less reliability and effectiveness than paid proxies. However, any one that works with your other activities will work fine with Digi Traffic Accelerator.
Background Web Requests – Digi Traffic Accelerator Cracked is NOT reliant on browser-based requests that are prone to time-outs and failures. Instead, we are coded to exclusively use more stable and reliable background requests.

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Original Price: $19.95 / month

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