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Digi Traffic Generator NicheX Crack

Our members can download this Digi Traffic Generator Crack update for FREE.

By focusing ONLY on high-traffic, high-value sites, Digi Traffic Generator gets you the most from every backlink.

Which means more eyes on your content...
More people knowing your name...
More customers ready to buy from you

digi traffic generator NICHEX CRACK
All you do is provide the content and push the button. Digi Traffic Generator will promote your content across 600 high-traffic, high-visibility sites, driving traffic in 3 ways:

  1. Hundreds more backlinks getting your site a higher spot in Google, delivering far more organic traffic
  2. You tap into hundreds of high-traffic sources, sending people through your link directly to your site
  3. The sites are specially selected to be easy to share... so everyone who sees your content can tell their friends and send you viral


Simple desktop app: Digi Traffic Generator doesn't contain any baggage, so it'll run even on low-spec machines... and it's so simple to use that anyone can drive traffic!

Focus on social sites: By spreading your content across social bookmarking sites you encourage people to read your message and pass it on, giving a huge viral boost

Promote sharing of content: Syndicating your content to several of the hottest article sites on the web gets your name in front of the people that matter: new customers

Increase your Google rank: hundreds more backlinks will all be pumping link juice to your site, pushing it up the SERPs

Unlimited backlinking potential: unlike some other backlinking tools, there's no limit to the number of backlinks you can build

Plug-in captcha solving: direct integration with all the best captcha-breaking services keeps the whole process one-button simple

Manual captcha breaking option: rather not use a third-party? No problem, you can break the captchas yourself, direct from the software.

Spin articles and bookmarks automatically on submission: Digi Traffic Generator automatically recognizes spin tags, and will use them to create a random version of your content every time you post

Target multiple websites: You can even use spin tags in the URL box and build backlinks to a whole load of different websites at once

Automatic updates: Thanks to our InstantUpgrade technology, whenever we release a new version, you’ll be upgraded as soon as you open the app.

Direct line support: We've got a multi-national support team permanently on call. In the unlikely event you have an issue, just e-mail support@digitrafficgenerator.com and we'll get back to you inside one working day.


Digi Traffic Generator NicheX

Business user? Upgrade with NicheX and use Digi Traffic Generator's linking power across EVERY niche

Expert SEOs know the importance of keeping linking profiles separate.

Using the same account to post links to a variety of different niches leads to a messy footprint, so Google assigns your links less authority and less juice.

That's why the top link-builders will set up a different set of posting accounts for every niche they use, and spend hours manually tracking use.

With NicheX, Digi Traffic Generator can do this for you.

The NicheX module adds one-click profile-management to the Digi Traffic Generator software so you can generate as many different posting account profiles as you like, then keep each one separate and fenced off. Just choose which one you want to use to post links, and you'll have a clean, Google-friendly link profile for EVERY site you own, in EVERY niche you target.

  • Use Digi Traffic Generator NicheX to provide SEO services to clients (more reliable than an outsourcer, and a sight cheaper too...)
  • Give every website a separate linking profile to keep your footprint well-defined and Google-friendly
  • Improve your stick rate when working across multiple niches
  • Automatic use tracking shows the number of backlinks posted from each profile

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Original Price: $59.95 / month

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