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Mass Video Blaster Crack + Mass Video Downloader Crack

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mass video blaster crack
What this tool does scrapes videos from Youtube. You can enter a keyword and it will start finding and downloading videos from youtube.Then uploads these videos on your acounts. There are two methods you can use this Mass Video Blaster. You can “Snipe” videos where you go in and put the settings in yourself (like keywords, title, tags) or you can -what I really like- mass upload. You simply use tags for the title and keywords part, but you make the description box have an affiliate URL and then use the Tag tag to put… tags in the description box. It automatically uses the same settings for every video so it is very hassle free.

This tool is also FAST. It downloads and uploads with multiple threads so it’s uploading / downloading 5 videos (or more) at a time instead of just one if you’re doing it manually.
This tool is EASY. Watch one 5 minute video and you know how everything works. It is also a step-by-step process.
This tool requires NO WORK. 99% of the time the tool is open, you are just waiting for videos to upload or download.

Mass Video Blaster Top Features:

- Download Videos from Youtube , Vimeo and Metacafe based on keywords, users, or manually
- Download Videos in HD format from YouTube
- Add videos from local hard drives
- Add Your Own Watermark on the downloaded video
- Cut seconds from the start of any video
- Makes each video unique , so you can upload the same video as many times as you want without having to worry about the duplicate filter
- Change your titles, tags, and descriptions on the fly
- Mass upload all your videos in ONE CLICK!
- Re-upload all the videos that got removed
- Assign proxy for each YouTube account
- Add annotations to your videos
- And much more…

Sales Page: http://mass-video-blaster.com/
Sales Price: $47/Month

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