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Become a VIP member and get access to all download links! This Special VIP Memberships consists of Exclusive VIP Seo Tools, Free Updates, Article Marketing Tools, WordPress Premium Plugins most of it cracked by designated group! They are not ones most people share and try to rip you off! We offer 100% money back if there is a reason for it but I can tell you no one asked for the refund yet!

Choose one of the subscriptions and become a part of our team.

Once you Subscribe as a VIP Member you will get full access to EVERY crack including FREE updates and any future cracks that we add.

All of the Softwares,Tools are fully cracked. They are NOT trial or demo version!



1. Your account should be activated automatically.

2. If you have any problems access VIP download, send us a message with your transaction number and our support will sort it out within 12 hours.

3. If you have any questions send an email to : support@wplocker.org

1 Day VIP Subscription - $9
1 Month VIP Subscription - $22
6 Months VIP Subscription - $45
1 Year VIP Subscription - $69


  1. We need article builder of Jonathan legerd.

  2. I have subcribed to vip but no access has been granted yet what happened

  3. i have subscribed and paid the money but cannot download – please help!

  4. I’ve subscribed and it hasn’t been activated what’s going on?

    • I checked it and everything looks ok.Use the following link to log into our site.

  5. I need to contact you by e-mail for a private deal.
    My e-mail is shivkok at fmail.com
    Replace fmail with gmail for my email.

  6. what version do you have for Story theme? Do you have the 1.2.1 version yet? If so, please let me know and I will get the 1 day pass!

  7. I’ve subscribed and it hasn’t been activated please help!

  8. I have already subscribed but not able to go to the vip page.. can you help?

  9. “I just purchased and can’t access the VIP download page:

    To: Vip Wplocker
    For: 1 Month VIP Subscription – $22
    Profile ID: I-UWSL1WRWGEC7

    Automatic payment number: I-UWSL1WRWGEC7

  10. how many time will you take to active vip membership?

  11. I have subscribed for 1 day to your site but not received any activation email. I have sent an email to support too. Please advise, as a 1 day membership activation needs to be a complete day (24 hours) and should go through automatically and instantly.

  12. I have the same problem. I’ve just subscribed for one day and your site is still acting as if I’m not even a user. I’m logged in right now and I see no download links.

  13. Hi ! The Same Problem – I Can’t Download Anything – No Links available

  14. Hi, I signed up for VIP 1 Day. It shows that I don’t have access and cannot download.

    Please help with this.

    Thank you

  15. Hi. i already payed, not getting an email confirmation and the system doesn’t recognize my payment. I payed for the 1 days subscription. So will it start counting from my first valid login or from when u confirm my payment. Coz now I could use it, maybe tomorrow i’ll be out and can’t check the web. Hope I don’t lose my money coz the confirmation is not automated. TY

    • Hi,
      ViP membership starts after the approval.Dont worry you are not going to lose your money.Let me know when you want me to activate and I will do so.

  16. fabriciofernandest5

    Made 1 hour payment of one day vip. Can I download any sofware? I’m waiting Thanks

  17. i need Senuke X lastest version. make seo for Ukash in Turkey.

    Ukash Kart Almanın En Güvenli ve Hızlı Yolu Ukash Destek

  18. I, please check your mail for vip member, i have take only 1 day


  19. valerione1979

  20. Hello
    I Paid with Paypal (19C510127L687805T) bunt my Email was Full :-/

    Thema i paid a Second Time with Code 7*******************

    V****** activate ohne of this an please V***** ohne of this? Thanks

  21. I’ve subscribed and it hasn’t been activated please help!

  22. I’ve subscribed and it hasn’t been activated please help!
    Transaction timeAug 5, 2015 09:23:11 GMT+07:00

    PayPal transaction number6AM173406A470602X
    Total$9.00 USD

    We’ll send a confirmation email to xxxxxxxx@***.com. This transaction will appear on your statement as PayPal *OM S.
    Paid to

  23. I have paid but my membership is not activated. willemstudio@gmail.com

  24. I have paid 1 day membership, but it’s not activated yet. Can you provide me the activation?
    PayPal ID: 5KY17***6971**512

  25. Dear Sir

    I want to subscribe an VIP membership for a month.

    How long I need to wait to active the membership?

    Do we have to advise you after we pay through the paypal?

    Further, can we get support if we have any problem in downloading those freewares.

    We have tried a few key generator or some crack version but it seems none is working.

    • Hi,
      Best thing is to send an email to support@wplocker after the payment and We will then activate your membership.We usually respond within few hours.We offer full support for our ViP members.

  26. Transaction ID #4F383589JW890033S
    still waiting for account vip to be activated…

  27. I have sub scribed to vip since yesterday night b it cant download anything why?

    pls activate my vip membership

  28. pls activate my vip membership

  29. Please activate my yearly membership. Paid via PayPal sometime back. Shriram.gopalan@yahoo.com.


  30. hi i have paid for 1 day please active now

  31. email sent please update now

  32. i have sent 3 emails at SUPPORT please update now, i have only 40 mints

  33. hi, more then 18 hours passed but i have no access….please at least update me if you are not allow me

  34. Hi,

    I see that most of people have problems with activate his account.
    What is the status of your support, i will access as a VIP member for 1 year but dont need problems with the activation?

    can you guaranty thats my accounts is activated in 1 hour when i pay?

  35. Yusuf M. Bello


    I want to pay to have access as a VIP member for 1 year, but I dont want to have problems with the activation? can you guaranty thats to me and my accounts will be activated in 1 hour when i pay?

    • Hi,

      If you let me know before you do so I will make sure it will become active within an hour.



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